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Launches MÄVINN - made with social businesses and celebrating traditional craftsmanship

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MÄVINN features home accessories made using traditional artisan techniques. The collection spotlights handmade crafts, and includes baskets, rugs, a lampshade, an apron, bags, cushion covers, a wall organiser, and more. Created from leftover denim, natural fibres and handwoven textiles, the items showcase embroidery and tactile details, resulting in unique expressions and contrasts. Made together with social businesses from across Asia, every item provides jobs for people from vulnerable groups.

"Our initial idea was to emphasise craftsmanship and bring the person who made the product to the forefront. This led us to think about the experience of visiting a local craft market: the interesting objects you might find there and the people selling their crafts”, says Paulin Machado, Designer at IKEA of Sweden. “Every item has a distinctive look and rustic feel of a handpicked item, blending colourful splashes with natural materials through embroidery and woven designs where their handmade nature gives its uniqueness”.

Selected for durability

The collection is comprised of cotton, over-run materials from denim production and natural fibres such as paper made from the bark of mulberry trees, banana fibre and jute. Most materials are sourced locally in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, and Vietnam, where the social businesses are located. The natural fibre materials are selected for their durability and renewability, as well as their potential to create job opportunities in both sourcing and production. The combination of materials and production techniques is based on the skills and expertise of the seven social business partners, resulting in diverse products while giving value to talented weavers and craftspeople in the local communities where they operate.

Since 2012, IKEA has been collaborating with social businesses to create long-term job opportunities and livelihood for people in rural areas and vulnerable groups. Today, this effort has expanded to over 11 social businesses around the world, with a focus on creating global products that can be produced in higher volumes, leading to more job opportunities. MÄVINN is the second global social entrepreneurship collection from IKEA and marks the first annually recurring collection that will go under the name. The collection name "MÄVINN" is an expression of dialect from Småland, where IKEA was founded, and means “having the wind at your back”.

Supporting artisans

“As a designer, it has been a joy to work closely with local artisans, infusing their skill and creativity into every piece. Not only does it celebrate traditional craftsmanship, but it also creates meaningful job opportunities for those in need. With MÄVINN, we can support artisans and their communities while making handcrafted items accessible to people all over the world", says Maria Vinka, freelance designer at IKEA of Sweden.

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