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  • Expands the VAPPEBY range with a new waterproof speaker

    “We are delighted to introduce the new waterproof VAPPEBY portable Bluetooth speaker”, says Stjepan Begic, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden. “The fundamental goal with the new speaker was to offer quality sound in a versatile product that can really be used anywhere”.80 hours of total play Read More

  • Launches MÄVINN - made with social businesses and celebrating traditional craftsmanship

    MÄVINN features home accessories made using traditional artisan techniques. The collection spotlights handmade crafts, and includes baskets, rugs, a lampshade, an apron, bags, cushion covers, a wall organiser, and more. Created from leftover denim, natural fibres and handwoven textiles, the items sh Read More

  • To use bio-based glue for reduced climate footprint

    Finding new glue solutions is one of the main approaches to reducing the IKEA climate footprint, and most glue consumption is used in board production. As a result of innovation and several years of trials, IKEA is now switching to bio-based alternatives to reduce fossil-based glue usage by 40% and Read More

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